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Favorite Mugs

Do you have a favorite mug? DesignMom asked this question the other day and one immediately popped into my mind. It was in the cupboards of a cottage we stayed at in Michigan. I loved how lightweight the enamel was, and the kooky cheerful characters all the way around. I also liked the size–just right for how much coffee I drink.

I very much wanted to steal it, but figured that the owners probably liked it as much as I did. Good thing I decided that too, after a google search once home, I learned that these Finel mugs made by Arabia (for children) often sell for more than $80 each! Sheesh. Keep your eyes open at garage sales…

Poketo has some fun faux tin mugs, and here is a great size enamel mug for children. I think I’d like a couple of those for Lux. Real cups are much easier for toddlers to drink from than sippys. And you could pretend you were camping every morning!


  • joannabc

    I definitely have favorite mugs. Actually, there’s a hierarchy of mugs, and sometimes it depends on what is going to go in the mug. A mug for applesauce is not necessarily the right mug for orange juice, for instance. I never thought I was one of those weird OCD ritualistic people about anything, but now that you’ve asked this question I am reconsidering.

    • Rachael Ringenberg

      It’s amazing how food changes once it’s in a mug. It’s more portable and accessible and therefore low-key that way, but also personal. I’ve tried food in mugs with groups before, and it’s easy for it to get awkward. I also have these memories of drinking wine at Taylor in mugs (so as to not be spotted from the street, obviously) and it often not tasting that good? Or tasting ceramic-y? Funny.

  • Bridget

    I just saw the most beauuuutiful coffee mugs on someone’s Etsy favorites recently. They were $30+ though. I skipped it. But that one! I love it. I’m betting the owners don’t know how much it’s worth if it’s in their rental? Translation: you shoulda swiped it. Just kidding, just kidding.

    • Rachael Ringenberg

      Oh hello, little demon on my shoulder. I totally have that voice telling me they didn’t know. Or that some other renter just randomly left it there. But then I have another voice saying they’re trying to be nice hosts and give their guests the good stuff.

  • Junglewife

    I definitely have my favorite mugs. My favorite ones are where I can hold the handle with all four fingers, and not be so tight that my knuckles touch the hot mug. Starbucks has some great mugs like that 🙂

    There are only certain foods I like in mugs. Oatmeal is one. Tomato soup is another good one. But I don’t like drinking things other than hot drinks out of mugs, for some reason. Don’t give me cold water in a mug – yuck!

  • Abbie

    You bet I have a favorite mug! I have a whole mug hierarchy-doesn’t everyone? I don’t have any enamel mugs anymore, but when we were little, my mom had my sister and me eat off enamel plates and drink out of enamel mugs- I loved it!

  • mary beth

    I’m a huge mug fan! My favorites are from Starbucks and I skip over all the other ones and use those every single time I have coffee. Anthropologie has some lovely ones too that I want to get as Christmas presents for people this year.

  • noelle

    I love this because I totally associate people + places with their coffee mugs. My favorite is made out of some kind of freckled French stone, and I really think it makes everything I put in it taste better.

  • Anna {dear friend}

    Oh, mugs. Yes, I have a mug obsession. A favorite, though? Hmmm. I do have one that I tend to grab the most. My sister recently got the loveliest mug from anthropologie. Lately, I’ve been grabbing that one because it’s just so pretty. (Also, I get up before her most days. SORRY, Meg.)

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