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The shower beer

Have you ever brought a beer into the shower with you? Not once have I thought to do this. After some completely informal quizzing of my male friends, I’ve determined that they understand having a cold beer during a late afternoon shower to be one of life’s great pleasures. “Oh of course,” they say, “You’ve never done that?”

“It’s a way to relish a normal thing, and make it more fun.” Joe says.

“But you don’t even take long showers,” I say.

“Yes I do.”


Maybe I’m crazy, but doesn’t it sound a little weird to be all sudsy, with warm water everywhere, and then try to drink a cold beer?

However, if there’s relishing to be done, I will not be left out of it.

While I was mulling over this, I came upon this gentleman’s blog wherein he posted about his first outdoor shower of the season. The ante has been upped: it doesn’t get more vacation fantastic than an outdoor shower. Here’s his drink of choice:

a manhattan garnished with persian cherries that have been rehydrated with rye and bourbon.

Now that I’ve heard about this, it’s definitely going on my summer bucket list.  Are you getting excited about new things to try this summer? {speaking of, Anna just posted a great, very Boston themed one.}


  • bridget

    i’m totally doing this now. haven’t yet. but i DO enjoy a really cold one while i nurse parker to sleep. it’s relaxing. he’s pretty much getting beer-milk at this point?

  • Hannah Brooks

    Snuggles has been known to bring beer or apples into the shower with him. He also begins toweling himself off while still in the shower with the water running, so I just chalked this up to another odd quirk of his. Interesting that this is a widespread male phenomenon.

  • kellyn

    i meant to post on this earlier…but it would be unlike me to spread out my comments over time… ha

    on this: “Have you ever brought a beer into the shower with you?”… i recently realized this was a thing, too…but! something i’ve discovered that i should add. in a blazing hot city w/ no central a.c., the new version of this is….cold shower, hot coffee. best ever.

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