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planting from your spice drawer

Today I have a little post on Momfilter (a website I love) about planting cilantro from something in your spice cabinet–coriander seeds! I’m so proud of my little green seedlings. Look how strong they are. From the day I planted them, I think it’s taken about a month to get to this stage:


  • Annie Slocum

    They look fantastic! It looks like you have them outside in fresh air, which is good. When I used to start a lot of seeds indoors, I used a fan to circulate air and get the stems strong!

  • junglewife

    That’s great! Cilantro is one of those herbs that cannot be dried – it absolutely has to be fresh. Dried cilantro has no flavor at all! Fortunately we have gotten it to grow here, since we enjoy lots of dishes with an abundance of cilantro! The seeds do take a while to germinate but from the looks of yours, you will be able to enjoy fresh cilantro soon!

      • junglewife

        Hmm, I’ve never had the cilantro get droopy and yellow. My problem is that it usually goes to seed too fast. When that happens, it doesn’t turn yellow but gets taller and skinnier, and the leaves get “feathery” instead of their nice round-ish shape. I would guess that the droopy/yellow means it’s either getting too much water or not enough. Maybe do an experiment and give half your seedlings a little extra water and the other half a little less and see what happens… 🙂

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