Stroked: (free) Strokes Tribute album

Before the Strokes gave a bunch of old man interviews, forced a new album out through a sieve, and generally griped about each other to everyone listening, I really liked them.

Obviously mostly because of the album Is This It, which I can play in its entirety on repeat while driving and not feel irritable when the sun burns only one of my arms. Back when Joe was wooing me with mixtapes, Last Night (remember when bands still felt safe spelling words out fully? Don’t you just want to edit that to say Nite?) made it on to one and it was just so good that I married him.

So it feels nostalgic and college-y to listen to Stroked (could have left that name in the brainstorm sess. a little longer) and hear these funny, wonderful, little bands like Peter Bjorn and John and the morning benders cover their songs. And write thoughtful notes about how much they love these songs too. And get to hear the lyrics slowly enough to actually sing along.

Full album, free download, right here at Stereogum.

First seen on Nylon.

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  • noelle

    This is so much fun! Our song was Alone, Together. Le bf and I used it in a student film, we thought we were being so New York at our Orange County college.

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