21_LuxLux: Somehow whenever we’re supposed to be getting dressed, we’re jumping on the bed instead.

21_JoanJoan: determined to walk and won’t stop begging for a hand to hold until she can do it herself.

Second photo by my cousin Molly, taken at my grandparents’ farm. Thanks Molly!

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      “A portrait of my daughters, once a week, every week, in 2014.”

Lux_17Lux: an impromptu art project during Joan’s morning nap is a nice new habit for us.

Joan_17Joan: just before she ate a whole bunch of dandelion fluff. 

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Lux_16Lux: so delighted that playground season has begun and she asks to go on the swings every time.

Joan_16Joan: walking back home, we often take these breaks for Lux to leap off the back of the stroller and tease Joan for a minute or two.