Romance, documented

These designs by Greg Christian remind me of the early days of dating Joe. Noticing the most banal things and being thrilled that they reminded me of him; that feeling of, We’re the only ones who like bookstores like this; finding yourself charmed by the simplest aspect of their personality….I don’t know if Greg himself is wooing someone with these (but he must be, right? They are just too convincing) but I’m glad he’s sharing them with the rest of us.

Genuine sentiment, simply executed: works every time.

Greg is launching a small project of all these designs, called TH PRSNL PRJCT, next week. Follow him on twitter for updates.

The Magical art show

Last weekend a good friend of Joe’s from college, Brad Johnston, had his graduate art thesis show at Savannah College of Art and Design.

We’re so amazed by his work, I thought I would share a few pieces here. Click on each image for closer inspection.

I love the animation of these foxes. Close-up:

I have seen these two of his prints used as iPhone wallpaper and they look awesome: 

Brad’s website. and for good measure, his wife’s super cheery HuckleberryGal tumblr.

Laser Cut Art


I might have just stumbled onto everyone else’s already favorite artist, so I’m treading lightly because I never noticed him. But I really liked a few things about this show. Namely: laser cut art. kids buying art. kids (Olly is 24) making art and having shows.

Sometimes when things get liked instantaneously all around the internet you think, “but no one would really show up and buy this.” But they do!

Interview with Olly Moss.

Video first seen on Varsity Bookmarking.

Jeanne-Claude at the Beach

The Wall Street Journal was free on Tuesday, for whatever reason, and I went to straight to the Lifestyle stuff. There was an article about how Christo was doing without Jeanne-Claude (grim), including this beautiful photo of them. Their story of life as lovers-collaborators is always inspring to me.

We have a print of their as-yet unfinished project of covering the Arkansas River in Colorado with fabric. It might sound sad to look at the print, an unfulfilled and now possibly doomed project, but I love it because the detail and span in the drawing is a reminder of how powerfully they dreamed things into being before anyone could even imagine them or believe they could happen.

Bryan O’Brian photo from

Good Interview: Abby Clawson Low

The March issue of Matchbook has an interview with Abby Clawson Low, whose blog I’ve had as a suggested read at the bottom of E & D for awhile now (for too long actually, keep an eye on those and I’ll change them up). She has a super unique eye, designs joyful stuff, and–as it turns out from the interview–is just as nice as one might guess from her work.

photo from Matchbook