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    Watched: Bonnie and Clyde

    Finally got Bonnie & Clyde from the ol’ Netflix and innocently put it in the laptop to watch. Wow! What a beauty Faye Dunaway turns out to be. I finally understood why people are always talking about it as fashion inspiration. And the boys liked the feisty bank robbings and gun fights. A real crowd pleaser, this one.

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    Friends Share

    Now that I think about it, what are you listening to lately? I’ll go first, no pressure for new stuff here. I’ve included suggested playing times and tasting notes.

    Dancing whilst Cooking Oracular Spectacular, MGMT

    Happy beach party (maybe involving drugs), definitely delighted.

    Everyone in the Room is Trying to Write Emails No Better Than This, John Mellencamp

    Cigarettes, dive bars, banjos, Tom Waits minus the “please stop making that noise.”

    I Listened to Martin Sexton & Damien Rice Too Much The Wild Hunt, Tallest Man on Earth

    Loads of guitar playing, storybook lyrics, amazing voice carrying everything.

    Cheer Up/Instant Ambiance Up From Zero, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zereos

    group sing, hands clapping, goofily grandiose mixed instruments.

    ps: I’m so impressed by my younger brother Wilson’s band, Rosemary Three and their new new album 4 & 5.

    Photo from Kate Spade Valentines.

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    So excited to have a new film from Sofia Coppola. Her signature hazy world of girls (strictly blondes it seems, but we don’t mind, do we?), postmodern depression, and thrilling evenings on the town are completely addicting to watch. Comes out December 22. Let’s all go together!


    Soundtrack by Phoenix. Looks like we’ll get to see some nice interior shots of the famous Chateau Marmont along the way, and since Dakota went ahead and grew up, we now have Elle Fanning.

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    Music These Days

    We had a really long day at the market today. I was glazed with sweat most of time, and I noticed pretty late into the afternoon that both my tank and shorts were covered with odd stains. Thanks for the tip, coworkers. So Joe and I came home after closing and laid around the living room were we could find the space, and clicked play on streaming Sufjan Steven’s new All Delighted People. While Sufjan appears to have no interest in appealing to my strong & thoughtful pop sensibilities, we all know it’s the album we’ll be contemplatively listening to on slow quiet evenings for the next few months.

    On the other hand, if you’re looking for a good mix to have whilst skimming the delightful internet or making dinner, Rachel from Black*Eiffel posted a 5star mix right here.

    Photo from the reliable Lisa Congdon at A Collection a Day {Day 182}.

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    The Hustwit Film: Urbanized

    I thought the documentaries Helvetica and Objectified were really a pleasure to watch, not just for the design-nerdy. They focus on things we deal with in our everyday worlds—signage, bad bathroom door design, silly chairs, delightful appliances—and I thought it was really rewarding and fun to finally have the chance to think about all the little things in our lives that take up our days.

    So it’s great to finally hear what Gary Hustwit’s last design-trilogy film will be: Urbanized. As many of my friends and I have migrated inevitably from the country to the city, of course we’re all thinking about the perks and blows of city life & design. Urbanized will come out in 2011. You can read an interview about the big news here. Go Gary!

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    Birth Control

    Ever since getting married and becoming a self-assured authority on the topic, I have been fascinated by birth control. Reams could be written on the various education and lack-thereof we all know and share like, and I enjoy bringing it up forthrightly in conversation because everyone (every girl at least, and every boy should too, hello) has their own opinion and scary this-really-happened story. So how delightful to find Kate Bingaman-Burt (who I previously thrilled the talent of in this post) illustrating a rumor-riffic animations about birth control for the website (government thrust?) bedsider.org. I’ve included a few video links here, but see the whole list here.

    Pull and Pray from Bedsider on Vimeo.

    Hormone Holiday from Bedsider on Vimeo.

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    Happy weekending! What’s happening across the country? We’re having our first wine tasting ever at the market tonight (kinda nervous about how it will go!) and a couple friends are coming on island for the weekend.  Weekends are really our busiest days, but I’m hoping we’ll manage to make some exotic (peach? so exotic) ice cream and use the grill at least once or twice.

    Photo from Present & Correct’s facebook page. They have the best stuff on there, I highly recommend friending them if you are the ephemera type.

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    When I get olda


    I’ve been singing this a lot. Joe’s annoyed. (The best part about these K’naan music videos is reading the international comments on their YouTube page.)