Colorful capsule meals

Much love to this new area startup (dad-up)  that offers weekly delivery of chopped and colorful meals for kids. They gifted me a free trial and I ordered these for the six and four-year-old, but of course the toddler was the most delighted to take part! Each capsule contains a perfectly chopped fresh fruit, vegetable, and protein. They work as lunches (likely supplemented with a cheeses stick and a fun sweet), an after school playground snack, or quick dinners for those nights when you have a babysitter and just want to sit down with them for a few minutes while your kids eat.


Like all of the prepared meals services (Blue Apron, Plated, Purple Carrot), the packaging is the primary issue I wrestle with. It’s all technically recyclable, but it remains more than I would create with a trip to the grocery and a cutting board at home. I like that Nomsly offers you the change to accrue four of their refrigerated liners and ship them back to them for reuse.

Their online ordering system is delightfully simple and straight forward. It’s very easy to pause certain weeks, and schedule other ones–no minimum demanded–which is fantastic. They offer enough options for each week to make it easy to avoid items you know your kids won’t love. I was particularly impressed that they included unconventional raw veggies like kohlrabi, edamame, and jicama.


Annnd a referral code for anyone in Boston, Eastern Massachusetts or New Hampshire who would like to try it: 3FREE4EWD for three free meals, at

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Silly Sallys
1 month 12 days ago

This is super cool! I knew there was one on the west coast that was for kid lunches but was curious to know when something like that would be over on the East coast!