A list of gifts

A really nice panettone with sugared almonds and fancy chocolate flecks. For having toasted with butter and hot coffee on December mornings.

A one year’s subscription to Floral Observer: a thoughtful quarterly snail mail newsletter about gardening and noticing the nature you’re with.

A bottle of bourbon and a couple of oranges to go alongside.

Pearl stud earrings because they make your cheeks glow.

A sweatshirt that says Oysters.

Merino pants by Babaa, so warm, so comfortable, about as timeless as sweatpants can get.

A massage and a half day alone to go with it.

A subscription to great coffee.

A pretty ceramic ornament for a special photo.

Special tortillas. Tim from Lottie + Doof recommended these last year and I sent them to a friend as a very successful random weekday gift. Yummy and nice for everyone to enjoy.

Cozy hand knit slippers from Ukraine–could order a whole bundle of these!

Whole and Healthy Family, any of Kate Baer’s poetry, a lovely sci-fi, a year’s subscription to an excellent travel substack.

A countertop herb garden for everyone who likes snips of basil in their eggs throughout winter (is that all of us?). I have one and I like to grow only herbs in it, but one cherry tomato plant would be pretty cute as well.

A warm and crisp merino sweater, from Sezane, with collar buttons.

A set of four perfect Hermes perfumes, garden-themed and petite so they can experiment.

Chime in with what you’d love 🖤


  • Jessica Clare

    Ahhh you strike again!! Always just… perfect.
    I would love…
    an over the top comfy bed for our new rescue dog 😍

    A pair of Doen pillowcases… very dear $ but would make me smile everyday

    A lush robe for my mom, who is bed ridden, and oh how I wish I could be closer.

    An inexpensive locker from Etsy with my love’s initials ❤️

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